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Study Center & Learn With Me L.L.C. It was created to identify and develop an intervention plan aimed at promoting adaptive and integral development of the individual in society.
Psychometric evaluation:
Usually these are tests requested by schools for new school entry. Seek a general profile of intelligence / a child / a that we can tell whether it can adequately compete with children their age. This assessment also tells us if the child / a presents indicators of inconsistency in their learning.
Psychoeducational testing:
This test is usually recommended for children who have difficulties in academic skills and the learning process. Similarly valued proficiency in the areas of learning skills related to reading, writing, general knowledge of daily living, math skills and processes of attention and concentration.

Psychological testing:
This test is intended to assess emotional aspects that may be interfering with social-emotional development and / or scholar / a child / teenager. The results of this evaluation allow to establish a work plan to continue with the families, the child and the school.

We also offer:
Speech-Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Physical therapy
Educational Therapy


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